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Jul. 21st, 2007 | 11:24 pm
mood: aggravated aggravated

Alright well I hate her, everyone does, she sounds like a man, shes a one hit wonder, let her die people I've already told Perez not to post anything up about her anymore because no one cares. Sure her new record might be doing really well, its only because of the one song, when it dies, shes going to be done, no one else to turn to, just let her die people let her die, for the sake of ACTUAL MUSIC just let her go, its not worth wasteing time over shes just another one hit wonder songwriter wannabe. Shes a sham, let it go!!!

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Writer's Block: By Any Other Name

Jul. 18th, 2007 | 12:54 am
mood: productive productive

If you could rename yourself in real life, what would you choose, and why?

Hmmm I would rename myself Nicole Richie. Haha I love her so much, shes such an amazing person and shes turning her life around for the better. I look up to her as my role model and someone to respect as a hero. She's helped me through many things, like not giving up on myself, showing myself that fun crazy party girls really are smart on the inside if they put their mind to it, and just because thier blonde and sexy as fuck doesnt mean that their the dummest people alive. She's encouraged me to be all I can be and to not give up on myself even in the heardest moments of life. She's my everything, I would do anything to meet her.

Love Jessica

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Looking for a new Diet buddy?

Jul. 18th, 2007 | 12:45 am
mood: anxious anxious

If your looking for a new diet buddy, I'm definatly up for any diet possible. Anything you want to try, let me know and I will be more than happy to join you, my goal is 100 pounds and I really want to get there....fast. The sooner the better right?
I'm not trusting diet pills anymore. I've heard some really bad stories and I've had a bad experience. Seriously girls and guys, stick to our normal diets, dont trust diet pills please, I'm warning you all, please stay safe!!!

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Jul. 18th, 2007 | 12:31 am

Hey, just posting another reminder of my community I recently created. I still havent got anyone to join yet though I have posted referring to my community before. I havent even heard anyone say anything about it. I guess no one saw that post?
If not, its called edsrourlives. Its on my page under the part that shows all the communities I'm a part of. It is a pro-ana/mia community, so anyone with an eating disorder can join. I hope you all decide to, it would be really fun.
Love Jessica

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Jul. 14th, 2007 | 01:38 am
mood: accomplished accomplished

-Fool your motabalism by constantly changing the number of calories you consume daily. This will prevent your body from going into starvation mode, meaning that the lesser amounts of calories will make you gain weight, thats why you mix it up.
-Take vitamin pills frequently so your body doesnt crave nutrients, causing binges.
-Brush your teeth and tongue all the time. The feeling in your mouth with ease cravings and additionally, food will taste yukky with toothpaste, so whats the point of eating?
-Drink water like a fish. Drink a glass of water, or diet soda every hour on the hour. Drink water everytime you have the urge to snack. Ice water is better because your body will burn more calories to heat it up. Drink water with meals to prevent over eating.

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dieting idea inspired by a friend

Jul. 14th, 2007 | 01:05 am
mood: accomplished accomplished

Here goes...
Since I do have to use food sparingly, and snack just a little bit throughout the day, I have these ONLY choices of what to eat:
-Low Calorie Jello
-Celery  it is composed highly of water, it is crunchy, which is said to cause you to eat less, owing to the amount you have to chew it, it is considered catabolic food.
-Carrots are also another safe vegatable. (safest of the safe)
-Salsa and Mustard you can dip vegatables in them, fat free, low cal, salsa brings cravings to an abrupt hault. Spicy foods fire up motabolism.
-Vinegar thought to thoroughly reduce appitite. Drink a table spoon or two before each meal.
-Lemons dipped in a sugar substitute such as Splenda or Nutrasweet.
-Broth (5 cals per cube).
-Egg Whites (much needed protein).
-Lettuce an absolute nothing food.
-Cucumbers very very low cal
-Black coffee (6 calories per 8 oz.)

Along with those food choices throughout the day (most likely not all of those in 1 day, maybe 2 or 3) :
-I would have 2-3 servings of Black Coffee.
-I would have 3-5 servings of diet pills.
-I would have 2-4 servings of diet soda.
-I would have 8-10 servings of water.

So that is my Diet. Use it if you want. Let me know how it works for you though! It really works for me!

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Join My Community!!!

Jul. 14th, 2007 | 12:15 am
mood: accomplished accomplished

Hey everyone!! I just recently Created a Pro Ana/Mia Community called edsrourlives and I want you all to join it!!
Its on my profile under the "member of:" part I believe, you know....where it shows all the communities I'm apart of.
So far I'm the only one on it, and its really lonely, so PLEASE JOIN ME!!!
Thankyou all!! I love you!!!

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About a recent letter I recieved

Jul. 13th, 2007 | 12:42 am
mood: depressed depressed

I just got a recent letter from a very angry person. Saying that my pregnancy was just for attention. The thing is, it wasnt anything to do with wanting attention. My pregnancy was an accident and nothing more. Yes I have an Ed and just happen to be fertile, so who is someone to say that I shouldnt have a baby and that I dont deserve to be a mother, when they know nothing about me and they dont know my situation.
Yes my baby was an accident and now its over, but I still am really upset about it dying.
The moment that I found out I was pregnant I imidiatly contacted a nutritionist so I can get the proper nurishment for me and my baby, I DID care for it and wanted the best for my baby, so just knowing that I was eating for another living thing, it changed my whole attitude toward eating, I actually had a reason to eat and that motivated me to try my hardest to come out of this eating disorder for my babys heath. It is really hard for people with Eds to just eat, because we are so afraid or gaining weight, and its terrifying to us, and no one understands except for us.  I was able to push myself to come out of that to eat for my baby, and my nutritionist started helping me imidiatly and I was truely was listening to everything she said, I wanted the best for my baby and I was doing everything I could. I should not be hated because I have an Ed and just randomly got pregnant. Atleast I cared to get the proper treatment and everything I needed to have a healthy baby.

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Jun. 5th, 2007 | 08:18 pm
mood: pissed off pissed off

I'm flipping out, yesterday I did amazing and had no food what so ever, and today I had 1 slice of ham and afew cookies I made with my mom, plus to add to that I had like 4 cups of coffee. I'm such a failure!!!! I feel so fat and discusting!!! I really need a friend right now to help me and enourage me to excersise daily and not eat. Please anyone!!!! I'm going to my cousins in 4 days and I really want to be skinny and not eat for those 4 days, PLEASE HELP ME ACHIEVE THAT GOAL!!! I need motivation to not in in those 4 days and to only drink water and maybe 1 glass of juice. Right now I weigh 160, and I USED to weigh 150 from not eating, but bingeing got me back up to 160, and I hate it!!!! It's so discusting, I hate this, I'm such a failure!!!! Why cant I pull through and have some self control!!????
Please anyone write back to me and write back and forth and talk on msn and watever, to help eachother through this!!!! I need someone so badly right now!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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Jun. 5th, 2007 | 02:37 pm
mood: good good

Today I had about..... 3 or 4 cups of coffee with about 7 spoon fulls of sugar in each cup, lol I like it like that. But I'm thinking of cutting down on it, because I want to lose weight faster, plus did I mention thats all I had today? No food no nothing, I love it, same with yesterday except I had just 1 cup of coffee, so I'm doing I guess pretty well with the whole no food thing. I'm thinking of cutting down to only about 2-3 glasses of juice a day depending on how many calories are in it. Do I have to consume calories to lose weight, or the less the better?
I'm strictly off of fattening foods/drinks, I just feel so dirty after like I feel so discusting like a pig, I hate it, I dont understand why people let themselves get so fat these days, its like they dont care about what they look like or anything, its horrible. I cant stand looking at them.
I want to look like Nicole Richie. I personnally think she looks amazing. I dont care if anyone says shes too skinny, I think she looks better now.
Anyways any tips for me? Anything would be great.
Thanks everyone!!!
Good luck!!

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